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I’m a Stockholm-based photographer that loves to shoot things on the move! Usually, you’ll find me at the Järfälla ice-rink capturing the hockey action of my sons’ team or any other Järfälla HC team for that matter. I’ve been snapping photos since I was big enough to hold a camera, but got really into it when i bought my fist SLR back in the 80′s. It was a Minolta XG-I and it was a beauty. In ’88, I took the next step and bought my first Autofocus SLR; a Canon EOS 650. Motives were often concerts and close-ups of musicians and performers. In the early 90′s, I started working part time taking school pictures for kids. Bitten by the shutterbug, I started my own business in the mid 90′s and did a number of product, sport and concert jobs. But I hated the paperwork of running a business and when analog photography started its decline, so did my interest. Now, 15 years later, I’ve re-discovered that passion that burned in my soul from the very start and am shooting again…with a vengeance. I’ve upgraded my equipment to a decent standard and I’m getting back in the groove… I think. Hope you like what you find here. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you just want to talk shop or want to get creative. I’m always ready to shoot!

Enjoy the site!


3 Responses to ABOUT ME

  1. Ann-Marie Mattocks says:

    Thank you very much for your gallery of photos from JHC- Kronwall with NHL Friends on August 12! I’m a big fan of Nik Kronwall, and it’s a genuine pleasure to see a photo of him smiling. He’s so fierce for every Red Wings game that I can forget what he looks like when he smiles.

    Your photography is very impressive, and I am bookmarking your website to come back and visit some more. Thank you again for displaying your photos for us!

    Ann-Marie Mattocks
    Michigan, USA

  2. Lilli Dahl says:


    Skulle vilja köpa någon bild av dig. Hur går man tillväga?



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